Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A New Spring Bonnet

I have never really been one for hats. My mum tells me that when I was three I was really obsessed with a hideous yellow hat, but since then I have always thought that I couldn't really pull off wearing a hat. However, this spring I have decided that hats are fabulous, and everyone should wear them. I have compiled a list of the top hats to have in your wardrobe this season, and for seasons to come.

The Big Beach Hat: A wide-brimmed hat, great for sun protection. Looks best when paired with a black swimsuit, oversive sunglasses and a cocktail. This hat was worn to perfection by Samantha in the Sex and The City movie.

Find it at: H&M, The Bay

The Fedora: Especially cute for spring in straw or white, this is a fun, cheeky hat. Very Carrie Bradshaw, this hat is unversally flattering and can be a little bit sexy in a playful way. Mix it up with different coloured bands. Avoid sequined ones (too Britney) and pinstiped ones (too Al Capone).

Find it at: Forever 21, Holt Renfrew

The Fascinator: Small, quite fancy, often adorned with mesh, feathers or flowers and worn usually to the side of the head. These lovely little hats fit in perfectly at Royal Ascot, the famous horse race in the UK. Hats required in the Royal Enclosure! The fascinator is popular for weddings, worn by brides, bridesmaids and guests. Also quite appropriate for any fun evening or afternoon party, it will make you feel like lady, and everyone will be asking where you got your fabulous hat.

Where to find it: Forever 21, Le Chateau, French Twist (in Banker's Hall, Calgary). Of course the best ones are found in England.

This girl has a FABULOUS fascinator!

So, ladies and gents go out and get a fabulous hat, I promise you it will put a little spring in your step!

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