Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Blonds

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I found out the other day who designed that crazy red outfit worn by Samantha is SATC2! It was The Blonds, an amazing design duo who have made outfits for Lady Gaga, J.Lo, Beyonce, Christina Agiulera, and many more fierce divas. Crystals and spikes are prominently featured in
their designs.

Lady Gaga wearing a corset by the Blonds

 Katy Perry
Katy Perry in the Blonds at the 2009 VMAs

Rihanna in 2 different looks from the Blonds, and not really pulling off either one. The outfit on the left is really unflattering, and the one on the right just looks trashy. Love the Louboutins on the left, though.

The duo behind the label are a couple based in NYC, David and Philippe Blond. Philippe is the blonde face of the company, and I must say he is quite trannylicious. I read an interview with them in Calgary's Metro paper and the picture there had me fooled.

The picture that fooled me! Does anyone else think that David looks exactly like Will from Will & Grace?

Tagged Photos  TOXIC PAPI  -VMLPE-  David Phillipe Blond,Phillipe Blond
Britney in the Blonds.

Tagged Photos  TY-RON  Phillipe Blond,David Phillipe Blond, MAO
Philippe obviously had a bit too much champagne in this shot. Love the fur coat and the massive crystals on this outfit.

Tagged Photos  Phillipe Blond by Udo Spreitzenbarth and Ty-Ron Mayes.   TY-RON  Phillipe Blond,David Phillipe Blond, MAO
The ponytail coming off the shoulder is CRAZY!

I looove The Blonds!!! I need this for my Lady Gaga costume in August (for a party). Sadly, I think I will instead buy a glue gun and ALL the crystals at Michaels, as I don't think I can afford the real stuff. If you want to see more go to or check them out on MySpace.

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