Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Beachwear Trends 2011

It's beach time! Or, if you don't live near any beaches, it's pool time! Just like the clothes you wear, you don't want your swimwear to be outdated. So, here is what I have determined to be the biggest trends in swimwear, et al for summer 2011. I plan on spending as much time wearing a swimsuit as possible this summer!

Diane Von Furstenburg vinatage two-piece. The first big swimwear trend of 2011 is vintage pin-up. This DVF ones totally reminds me of the orginal Barbie from 1959! A '50s-style swimsuit flatters a curvy figure.

Barbie in 1959. She even has beach accessories, I love it!

Christian Dior sunglasses. Cat-eye frames are the perfect compliment to a vintage beach look.

Emma Stone wearing a vintage-inspired Marc by Marc Jacobs swimsuit on the August cover of Vanity Fair.

Elizabeth Taylor in a ruffled bikini. Tres chic!

The other big trend for beachwear that I LOVE is a very glamorous rich-lady look. Michael Kors did this best. This look often features leather trimmings, gold hardward, animal prints (espeically snakeskin, if you want to be bang-on trend for 2011) and of course, huge sunglasses.

Michael Kors spring 2011 print ad. Love the leather detailing on the one-piece.

Python, one of the biggest trend for spring, carrying through into fall, is an easy way to look super-glam. One shoulder maillot by Michael Kors.

Michael Kors does the bikini version. Love this!

Vix leopard print bikini. I own this one, and it comes with a detachable halter strap. I love the ruffles on the top and the turqouise detail.

A glam beach look requires a big hat. This striped Prada hat does the trick.

Elizabeth Taylor in an adorable ruffled bikini

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