Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Dellal is the designer behind the fabulous shoe line Charlotte Olympia. Ms. Dellal loves a nice platform and is eschewing the (unfortunate, in my opinion) trend of kitten heels for fall...a girl after my own heart. Her line was launched in 2006, and has been snapped by the fashion saavy ever since. Based in London, the designer has each shoe made in Italy and finished with a signature gold spiderweb on the sole.

A fabulous pink heel with the spiderweb logo.

The designer explains the spider web logo: "I've always had a thing for the story Charlotte's Web - because of my name - and I think it probably stemmed from that. But I loved the story, it's very sweet - there's always one book that you really remember, and I have a copy of it that I have framed and put in my office. Spider's webs are often thought of as being quite Halloweeny and dark but they can be delicate and pretty - I have one as my logo - as well as dark and vampy, which is what I like about them." (quote courtesy of vogue.co.uk)

This combination of the vampy and delicate is evidenced in the collection, and what I think makes it so fabulous.

As per usual, SJP as Carrie Bradshaw knew a good shoe when she saw one and wore two different styles in Sex and the City 2. The first was the most popular style, the Dolly.

The Dolly, a canvas stiletto, featuring a gold "island" platform. Carrie wore these at Stanford's wedding.

The second style is not actually seen in the film, but it's a really cute leopard pair. Ms. Dellal loves her leopard and includes it in all her collections. The big news for Charlotte Olympia is the new store opening in London. This will be the first Charlotte Olympia store, and I really wish I could take a little trip over to London to check it out. The fall collection is "a lot of black eclipsed by colour" in the designer's own words. The store will also feature clutch bags with a spider clasp and stockings, some of which come free with a shoe purchase. The new store also features the first dress collection by Charlotte Olympia. The dresses are all designed to go with the shoes, rather than the other way around.

The Dolly in leopard, a version of this is part of the Fall 10/11 collection.

The fabulous Margo in green python.

Shoes on display in the brand-new store.

Bruce the leopard in the front window of the store.

Singer Cheryl Cole wearing a Charlotte Olympia dress. This same leopard print has been featured on various shoes, such as the wedge below.

I think what I love most about Charlotte Olympia is that her shoes are sexy, unique and edgy. And obviously, the higher the better. Sadly, there is nowhere in Canada to buy them. There is a small selection available on Net-a-Porter, but that's not really the same as being able to try them on. Looks like I need to make that trip to London...