Monday, August 26, 2013

Make Your Point!

While always a classic, the pointed toe pump has become a major trend in the past few seasons.While I do still love a good platform, I find myself being drawn more and more towards single sole style shoes lately. The main downside to single sole shoes is that they are often not as comfortable as platforms, but the upside is that in your chic platform-less heels you will never be mistaken for a stripper. Over the course of the past six years or so, most of my shoe shopping experiences have included the question, "is this too hooker-ish?" It's a nice change to know that going forward I will no longer have a little stripper in the back of my head saying "I would totally wear those to work."
I believe that since the pointy pump literally goes with everything (jeans, a suit, cropped pants, almost any skirt, even certain styles of shorts!), having three pairs is the perfect amount. One in black, one in nude or tan, and one in a bright colour. However, this could easily be expanded to include metallics, leopard, navy, grey, or a variety of different prints and colours. Here are a few of my favorites. I love these ones from the Louis Vuitton merry-go-round collection from spring 2012. If these were still available and I had a spare $1,000 or so, my only problem would be choosing between the ivory crocodile or the robin's egg blue.

Dior s/s 2013.
 I am literally dying. I would do some very bad things to get my hands on a pair of these. I would definitely give up not only my first born child, but any and all children I ever have. But since I don't really like children too much, maybe that's not enough of a sacrifice. I would give up my old stripper-ish Fendis (which I still secretly love). I know! I would go to the dump every day for a month. I recently went there and it is my least favorite place that I have ever gone. So I think that if I went there for a whole month, I would totally deserve a pair of these.
 Casadei deep blue crocodile pumps.
Oooh, These would be a perfect work shoe, for those of you who have an office-type of work situation. And yet, they would also be perfect for those of us that are free to be more fashion-forward, since these totally are!

Casadei Blade pump.
Now I know the argument could be made that the "blade" heel negates these fab stunners from being your classic black pump, but really who wants their classic black pump to be boring? Not moi! Also Vicky B. wore these in the suede version, and you can't argue with Posh!

Stuart Weitzman Nouveau pump.

A colour wheel of Manolo Blahnik BB pumps. It makes me sad that these will never fit me....too narrow Mr. Blahnik! Side note: This shoe was named BB after Brigitte Bardot. Other side note: Vicky B. has worn this one also. Of course she has!

And now I thought that I would perhaps share a few styles that normal (under privileged?) people like myself can afford.

This blue suede (real suede!) d'orsay pump is from Zara. I really feel that this is the perfect colour for wearing all year round. some of the more minty or turquoise shades really read summer, but this one would work right through the winter.

These are a few of the colours that this Topshop pump is available in. My personal favorite is the pink, but I also love the white. However, if you are going to have a pair of white suede shoes, don't plan on them being an everyday shoe, but rather an extra splurge. Once they get any scuffs or stains, they will look terrible, and cheap.

Guess by Marciano blue suede pumps. This is a great spring/summer colour, and I still think it could be worn into the fall with tights.