Monday, February 7, 2011

John Galliano Brings the Swagger

When it comes to theatricality, few men compare to John Galliano. I really don't think that there is anyone else who can manage to accessorize with a sword and pull it off. Except for maybe Napoleon. Here is a small gallery dedicated to the famous runway bows taken by the king of couture.
John Galliano Designer John Galliano walks the runway during the Christian Dior Cruise 2009 Collection at Gustavino's on May 12, 2008 in New York City.

This outfit is my favorite!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Shoes To Wear (or not to wear) This Summer

February does not often entice one to slip on a nice little pair of sandals, or a cute cork wedge, but it does make one long for the day when we can. All the magazines have been full of summer offerings since November, and now the stores are too, and if you don't snap up the summery object of your desire, someone else will. There is one trend that all the magazines would have you buy, but I would not. I feel you should be warned. Behold the massive platform with no pitch. Also known as what you put on when you decide you never want to have sex with
a man again.


Marc Jacobs

Michael Kors

Now, I obviously love fashion, but I also love personal style. If these atrocities are your personal style, then have at it If not please, please don't wear them just because they are in fashion. And remember, fashion does not always flatter. What is the point of a high heel if it doesn't arch your back and give you the sexy walk?

On to better things. Now, I don't really consider any of the above to be an actual wedge, since they are more block-shaped, but I love a good wedge. They seem to always return to runways every spring. I have showed you a nude one from the Lanvin collection and here is more. I ADORE the pink snakeskin! The YSL is amazing, but looks like a sitting shoe.


The wedge is the perfect choice to pair with the wide-leg and super flared pants and jeans that I will be wearing for spring. You should too!
One trend for spring that I can get on board with is colourful shoes. Black is boring, we did nude last year, so now try something bold. John Galliano's showing at Dior had a tribal inluence, while Karl over at Fendi went for a colour-blocking approach to the trend. If you're too scared for this, then you need to read more of my blog and grow some fashion balls (which, by the way, would not be black).



There are, of course, shoes that defy all trends. Unsurprisingly, they come from Alexander McQueen.

It seems that although she will never replace him, Sarah Burton has managed to fill his shoes...with butterflies.

Whatever you choose to put on your feet this spring, I hope they make your heart soar like butterflies.