Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Fashion Moment

I wanted to share a recent fashion moment with everyone. Out on the town with Miss Vanessa Cuppen, my BF and his friend.

The dress was free (a parting gift from my fantastic friend, Sarah Sugandy) and the shoes are Miu Miu! Next time I need a classier venue...the bathroom doesn't quite do this outfit justice.
Photo courtesy of Vanessa Lynn Cuppen.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dream Job: Becoming the Fashion Police

Big news! Soon one of my lifelong dreams will be coming true and I will become a fashion police officer, along with my trusted parter in fashion-crime prevention, Vanessa Cuppen (see her blog at A very talented makeup artist (who is also tres awesome) is a wizz with the makeup, but tells me she is a bit clueless about what to wear. Now, she is far from Fash-Ho of the week (a phrase coined by my new hero, Joan Rovers, on her show Fashion Police - more on that later), but she could use a little help. And don't worry, we won't be mean!!!! I haven't asked her yet, but I'm hoping she will let me blog the transformation. Cross your fingers!

Back to Fashion Police, the most amazing show I have encountered in some time. I want to be Kelly Osbourne's friend, she is awesome and generally I agree with her assessments. There are no words to describe the amazement that is Joan Rivers. Of course there has to be a gay guy on the show, George, who always laughs extra hard at Joans inappropriate jokes. And then, sadly they rounded out this trio of wonderment, with Giuliana Rancic. Who is TERRIBLE. And also TERRIFYING. Both in her lack of body fat or muscle, and in her orange skin tone. Each week, there are "must-see looks" some are good, some are bad and at the end of the episode the worst is deemed "Fash-Ho of the Week" by Joan. I think that Giuliana needs to get that award. Anyway, everyone please watch it and let me know!!!!

Joan Rivers dressed up as Fash-Ho of the Week winner, Snookie.

Snookie, in the outfit that won her the award.

Here is Giuliana...the Fashion Police officer than needs to be arrested!!! Bad hair, bad tan, bad lack of body fat, bad outfit. FASH-HO!!!

Kelly Osbourne: not a fash-ho!

Can't you imagine me in the place of the fash-ho on the far right?