Friday, January 6, 2012

Cinematic Inspiration

If you have been following my blog you will know that lately I have been really into fashion influenced by the seventies. I am not sure how I overlooked Dazed and Confused in my Fashion in the Movies post, but I watched it the other night, and it really has the best seventies fashion. High-waisted bell bottoms, fringe, peasant tops, and clogs.
Milla Jovovich in Dazed and Confused. Love the jeans and the belt, but I think I will pass on tube top and fringe. The key to wearing fashion from another decade is to edit it, and wear it in a modern way to avoid looking like you are in costume.
The senior girls, in their hazing uniforms: denim cutoffs, knee socks, and baseball tees. I do like the slightly loose-fitting shorts that fully cover both cheeks (unlike most cutoff shorts of this century) and the brown leather belts, but I would pass on the socks.
Joey Lauren Adams and Parker Posey. Love the wooden wedges. Love the whole thing, actually.
Hanging out in the washroom. Love the long hair with the little braids. Very hippie-chic.
My favorite scene from Dazed and Confused is when the girls are getting ready for the party, and one of them is lying down while her friend does up her jeans for her with a pair of pliers because they are so tight!
I think one of the things that I love the most about seventies fashion is that it is so flattering. Flares generally make you look better than skinnies. While I do still like a good skinny jean, lately I have been more partial to my flares.
Claudia Schiffer wearing her version of hippie-chic. The MIH (Made in Heaven) jeans are really cute, but the shoes are all kinds of wrong.
A better choice would have been these Miu Miu cork wedges.
...Or, these Lanvin snakeskin wedges. Not getting a pair of the wedges from this collection (resort 2011) is one of my greatest regrets.
Make sure that your bell bottoms cover almost the entire shoe, this will make you look really tall. A bell bottom flapping around at your ankle just looks weird.
This blouse from Judith and Charles would look amazing tucked into a pair or high rise flares.
Feather earrings add some seventies boho-chic to any outfit.
Add a brown leather belt with gold hardware, and why not make it a Gucci belt? Gucci has definitely embraced the return of seventies glamour.
I would also recommend vintage, if you can get your hands on it. And you have to tell me where you find it!

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